Performance Psychology

I founded Best Performance Coaching after years of working in the performance industry.

As an opera singer, I found that a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy helped to alleviate anxiety, stress and ‘stage fright’. When my career broadened to the corporate world, I became interested in what ‘ingredients’ constitute success and how this could be applied to those working in the performing arts. The traits (both verbal and non-verbal) present in those considered to be working ‘at the top of their game’ can be learned and utilised.

When I realised that how we apply psychological skills, combined with how we manage our mindset determines the trajectory of our success, I started a lifelong journey to help creatives to navigate the often-difficult profession of performing. I graduated with a diploma of hypnotherapy in 2019 and am currently completing a Master’s (MSc) in Performance Psychology with the University of Bangor.

My approach combines coaching, psychological skills training, and relaxation techniques to help to empower and support clients, and to help to take their work to the next level.